MiRARI Project Has A New Website - MITSILO

We are excited to announce to you that the MiRARI project has officially migrated to MITSILO (https://mitsilo.org/). You can follow us and find all the information and updates about MiRARI on our new website.

MITSILO lab is a research group working on applied conservation, landscape restoration, and development research led by Dr Sarobidy Rakotonarivo.


Here are our latest activities during this year:


MIRARI and Bangor University recently returned to Madriromirafy and Itremo Massif to continue their work on the Community Management Agreement (CGC). Following up on their previous July fieldwork, this expedition focused on deepening awareness and sharing important information with local communities regarding protected areas and the CGC.


After three fruitful years of collaboration, we are now in the final stages of supporting the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development (MEDD) in the reform of the Cadre de Gestion Environnementale et Sociale (CGES, Environmental and Social Management Framework) for Madagascar’s Protected Areas (PAs). This reform is aimed mainly at addressing the need to implement a rights-based approach to conservation and ensure local communities do not bear the cost of conservation.


As part of the reform of the national policy on social and environmental framework management in protected areas, the MiRARI project has provided technical support to the establishment of the community management agreement – a co-management tool required by the protected areas law – aimed at real inclusion and participation of local communities in PA management. In this regards, the team produced a short documentary film to give to promote the Convention de Gestion Communautaire (CGC, or “Community Management Agreement”)

Finally, on 12 April 2024, our team convened a national sharing workshop on “Managing Protected Areas equitably”  in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment and Sustainable Development – MEDD, Natural Justice Madagascar, Royal Botanical Gardens KEW – Kew Madagascar Conservation Center, IMPACT Madagascar and TAFO MIHAAVO.

Visit mitsilo.org to explore the new site and stay connected with the MiRARI project. Thank you for your continued support!

Publication date: 28 June 2024