MIRARI – MItantana ara-dRARIny

Strengthening managers’ and local communities’ capacity for more resilient and equitable conservation

About Us

We work to achieve more resilient and equitable conservation and restoration through more effective social safeguards, improved rural livelihoods and people’s rights to land.

Our activities

01 Establish a database of evidence on social safeguards
Evidence on the determinants of success or failure of social safeguards and development interventions in protected areas (PAs): how much does it cost to achieve desired outcomes?

02 Field training workshops on social issues in conservation and follow-up support
Training and exchanging best practice in policy design and implementation to address the reality of people’s lives at the forest edge.

03 Train local communities on the “Convention de Gestion Communautaire”
Develop and promote the Community Management Convention, which is fundamental to protected areas' co-management by communities.

04 Reform of Madagascar’s national PA safeguard policies

Support the ongoing reform of environmental and social safeguard policies for PAs.

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Tel: +261340422530
whatsapp: +261338631227
email : mitantanaaradrariny@gmail.com or n.hockley@bangor.ac.uk
twitter: https://twitter.com/Forest4People
facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/mirari.mg

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