Meet the team

Forest4Climate&People is a collaboration between The School of Natural Sciences at Bangor University and The Department of Forests, Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Agronomiques (ESSA-Forêts) at the University of Antananarivo.

The Forest4Climate&People team have extensive experience of working on social issues around conservation and development in Madagascar. The core project team were closely involved in the ESPA-funded p4ges project.

Professor Julia Jones - Project Leader

Professor Julia Jones is professor of conservation science at Bangor University. Her research focuses on the social dimensions of conservation and she has done extensive research on the impacts of protected areas, biodiversity offsets and community forest management on local wellbeing. She was Principle Investigator of the espa-funded p4ges project and leads the Forest4Climate&People project.


Dr Neal Hockley - Co-Investigator

Dr Neal Hockley is senior lecturer in environmental economics and policy at Bangor University. Neal has done research in Madagascar since 2001 on a wide range of natural resource management issues.

Email: n.hockley@bangor

Dr Sarobidy Rakotonarivo - Research Fellow

Dr Sarobidy Rakotonarivo is a research fellow at ESSA-Forêts. She is an environmental economist by training and has worked on various social issues around natural resource management in Madagascar and other African countries. She will manage the project in Madagascar, lead the research, and co-deliver the field training.  


Professor Bruno Ramamonjisoa - Co-Investigator

Professor Bruno Ramamonjisoa is a forest economist by training, the former head of department of ESSA-Forêts, and is currently the Director of ESSA. Bruno was co-investigator of the p4ges project.


Alexandra Rasoamanana - Co-Investigator

Alexandra Rasoamanana is a co-investigator in the associated research project “Reconciling Madagascar’s New Protected Areas with poverty alleviation” based at ESSA-Forêt. By training, she is specialized in conservation and rural development. She has an extensive knowledge and expertise on biodiversity governance following her engagement in tracking biodiversity policy at national and international levels since 2016.  Alexandra will manage the project and co-lead the research with Dr Neal Hockley.


Manoa Rajaonarivelo

Manoa Rajaonarivelo is finishing a PhD in political economy of natural resources at ESSA-forets. Her thesis looks at the socio-ecological interactions of Tapia forests and pine plantations in the central highlands of Madagascar. She is interested in the social dimensions of conservation and in reconciling conservation aims and local livelihoods. She is involved in the project as a research associate.

Mirindra Rakotoarisoa

Mirindra Rakotoarisoa is a macroeconomist, he is very engaged in fighting climate change through advocacy.  Mirindra is a co-president of CliMates  Madagascar and Réseau Climat Océan Indien,  associations of youths which deal with Climate Change issues. He is interested in environmental justice and is currently pursuing another part-time master degree in Agriculture, biodiversity and Climate change at ESSA.  He is involved in the project as a research assistant.