Local communities give their feedback on 'Voices from the Forest' film

Our film "Voices from the Forest: Putting local people at the heart of decisons about tropical forests' contribution to tackling climate change" aims to bring the ideas, views and perspectives of those living on the edge of Madagascar's forests into the global dialog about forest conservation as a Nature Based Solution to Climate Change. What do these people make of the film?

One of the people who appears in the film said "We are glad that we had the opportunity to share with the world our daily challenge in this hard work of conservation. I hope this film can lead others to think that communities need support and more consideration."

Another said "I am more than happy to have contributed to the making of this film which is the better way for the communities to feel heard and represented. The film has helped to reflect the local community's daily struggles toward conservation and restoration, but in the same way, people propose solutions to tackle these challenges to be able to achieve an effective and sustainable conservation."

A number of people not involved in making the film expressed satisfaction at the way the film captures their experience.