Forest4Climate&People at XV WORLD FORESTRY CONGRESS, Seoul, Republic of Korea

The most influential conference in forestry, XV World Forestry Congress took place on 02nd - 06 May 2022 in Seoul, Republic of Korea. This congress focused on how to solve forest issues through discussion and sharing for “Building a green and healthy and resilient future with Forests”. Governments, researchers, projects from around the world have been involved through different sessions: plenary, side event, poster and oral presentation.

Our research fellow, Herimino Manoa Rajaonarivelo, presented a poster on the role of land tenure in forest conservation and restoration for tackling climate change. She also shared the film produced by the project: Voices from the forest at the congress which explains the social issues on forest conservation and restoration.


This great opportunity also allowed Manoa to visit a new country and above all to build connections with other stakeholders from different countries for future cross-border partnerships to address these issues. 

The participation in this congress has been feasible thanks to the financial support of Korea Forest Service and the Forest for Climate and People project.

You can read the poster here.

Manoa with Jeon Duck Ha, Director of Forest Resources Division, Korea Forest Service and a representant of Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie from Madagascar


Publication date: 23 May 2022