1st event on the UK Pavilion at #COP26 reflects on lessons from REDD+

The very 1st event on the UK Pavilion on the 1st day of the Leaders' Summit at #COP26 was a session called "Forests and People: How can REDD+ support Indigenous and Local Forest Communities, and what have we learned so far?". This was held on Monday 1st November, 10:00 (GMT), organized by UK Presidency.

This was billed as "an open panel discussion drawing upon the experiences from Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities (IPLC) and Civil Society Organisation (CSO) representatives from across the world, exploring a variety of themes surrounding the importance of social inclusion in forest protection and land management through REDD+. It will provide a focus on the valuable role of IPLCs in forest stewardship and reflect on how REDD+ has supported these communities in the past, ambitions to continue doing so, and the challenges, complexities, and opportunities that it faces." 

We were delighted that Dr Sarobidy Rakotonarivo from Forest4Climate&People was invited to chair the event. She used the opportunity to really draw out lessons for future efforts to conserve forests as a Nature based Solution to Climate Change. This was not a session which shied away from the complexities of implementing REDD+. The reflections from the speakers were honest and insightful. The speakers were Tuntiak Katan (Coordination of Indigenous Organizations of the Amazon Basin), Raymond Samndong (from The Tenure Facility), Dolores de Jesus Cabnal Coc (Network of Indigenous Women on Biodiversity in Latin America & the Caribbean), Victoria Tauli-Corpuz (Indigenous Leader & Activist from The Philippines). 

The recording is available here.